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Social Media Pointers

Here are a few pointers to help with your social media marketing:

The key to successful social media marketing is knowing your audience. Through social media you can learn about your audience - including location, language, age and gender. This makes it easier for businesses to create more targeted campaigns and offer products that are relevant.
Social media allows businesses to share information and messages at the click of a button. No more waiting for a print deadline or radio campaign to start. Simply plan your message, type and send!
For small and medium-sized business, social media is a very cost-effective way to market for new customers. For example, through Twitter you can reach out to people in your area using hashtags. It’s much more cost effective than other forms of media, plus it’s direct. Perfect for restaurants, stores, business services and much more.
Social media allows instant feedback from your customers. This can be invaluable for business. Good and bad feedback should always be welcome and dealt with appropriately through social media; negative feedback can be very powerful when it has a positive outcome - showing that your business cares about it’s customer
When monitored correctly, a business can attain key information on their competitors thus allowing the business owners to make strategic business decisions. Using the correct tools and managing your social media correctly can keep you not only one step but two steps ahead of the competition.
If you’ve got a website and no social media (or even worse, social media that’s not updated on a regular basis), you are probably missing potential business or customers. One of the best benefits of social media for business is to increase traffic to your website. Plus, if your website is retweeted lots of times, then it will have a dramatic effect on your Google rankings. Look at a key brand. Most will now refer to their social media pages rather than their website.
Businesses spend thousands of pounds a year on traditional forms of advertising and marketing. By using the right social media tools, with careful planning and engaging content, social media marketing can deliver a much more targeted reach and deliver a strong return on investment.
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